Prints now available for purchase!

SO EXCITED. I finally opened my print shop! After hours of tweaking photos to make sure they were perfect, and what seems like forever looking for the right website, prints of my photos are now up for sale! Five of my all-time favorite photos can now be found at Here’s the photos currently available: Check itContinue reading “Prints now available for purchase!”

Hiking the Ape Cave Lava Tubes

Upper Ape Cave (Mount St. Helens) Last summer, I found myself standing at the mouth of a lava tube in Washington state. The August sun was was hot on my back, but as I looked down into the cave, the cold breeze, seemingly coming from the center of the earth itself, blew back at myContinue reading “Hiking the Ape Cave Lava Tubes”

4 Essential Hikes to Experience the PNW in a Hurry

The Pacific Northwest gets a lot of love on Instagram. I gotta say, I didn’t get it until I went myself last summer. Trust me – the Insta-fame is well deserved. Countless trails snaking through pristine alpine wilderness, turquoise blue lakes, and a coastline to die for… It’s really that gorgeous. Perhaps the most incredible thingContinue reading “4 Essential Hikes to Experience the PNW in a Hurry”

An Introduction + a little about me

My name is Emily Boe Lee, and I’m an adventure travel photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. I specialize in landscape and portrait, but I’m always experimenting with something new. I shoot digital, but sometimes film.