Helicopter Ride over New York City with FlyNYON

Bucket-list item #46: Take a doors-off helicopter ride.

A couple weeks ago, FlyNYON helped me and my good friend Aly check this one off.

Lee_FlyNYON (13)Lee_FlyNYON (7)

After arriving in New York City, we were shuttled to the heliport. Aly and I were both shaking with excitement the whole way there. I think that any fear we would have had (despite Aly and I both being adrenaline-junkies) was completely negated by the surrealness that, yes, we were about to take a helicopter tour over the city.

Lee_FlyNYON (10)

After meeting our pilot and climbing into the helicopter, the propellers whirred to life. (Cue crazy, messy hair flying everywhere.)

Lee_FlyNYON (11)

Aly and I couldn’t wipe the goofy grins off our faces for the whole ride. It was an experience unlike anything else.

Lee_FlyNYON (6)Lee_FlyNYON (1)Lee_FlyNYON (14)

Big thanks to FlyNYON NYC for this amazing experience!

Check out Aly’s content on her portfolio! https://alypasmedia.myportfolio.com/

Lee_FlyNYON (2)

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