An Introduction + a little about me

Hello, internet! Welcome to my brand-new blog!

walking in anza

My name is Emily Boe Lee, and I’m an adventure travel photographer currently calling Boston, Massachusetts my home. I specialize in landscape and lifestyle, but I’m always experimenting with something new. I shoot digital, but sometimes film.

I always find that reading long introduction posts is kind of a drag. So, here’s the essentials.

  1. I plan to blog my travels, adventures, photography tips, and anything else that comes to mind. (Let me know what you wanna see via the contact tab.)
  2. I recently started writing for a couple platforms, Matador Network, to name one, and I love it! I was always one the tell stories through photos, so I never realized how much fun adding some words could be. Result: this blog.
  3. I’m currently a university student studying biology and photojournalism.
  4. I’ve been taking photos for about 5 years, and my style is constantly evolving. I try to experiment often and push myself to use different colors, layouts, and subjects.
  5. I’m broke because I spend all my money on travel. But also, I go to college. Yep, nevermind. It’s mostly college.
  6. I’m a huge hiker. I wish I could hop from one national park to another forever. Something at the top of my list is to hike the Camino de Santiago in Spain. (Check out the movie, The Way. It’s brilliant.) I also love rock climbing and snowboarding.

I can’t wait to share this part of my life with you guys. Follow me here, and also on Instagram @emilygetslost.

Happy trails!

Published by emilyboelee

Emily Boe Lee is a documentary and travel photographer specializing in visual storytelling.

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